Leap Day and a San Francisco Treat

No, I did not give my child Rice-a-Roni for her birthday. Yes, I did take her to San Francisco! Why Leap Day you ask?  Because that is her birthday.  She is not 4 years old. She despises that joke. She is 16.
SIXTEEN! My baby. Where does the time go? 

Most people have questions when they find out she was born on February 29.
  •  Does she only get a party every 4 years?  No. How mean do you think we are?
  • What day do you celebrate?  We usually party on February 28. We figured keeping it in the same month made sense.
  • So how old is she?  Well, generally people age 1 year every year. She is no different.
If you have any strange Leap Day birthday questions please let me know.

Now back to the fun!  We wanted to do something special for her 16th birthday and since it was an "official" birthday year, something out of the ordinary.  O really likes Oriental culture.  Loves Japanese crafts and anything Kawaii.  Loves Chinese food, art, and gardens.  San Francisco was the perfect choice.

The Peace Tower in
 Japan Town
More trip details to come later.
Let's just look at some photos, shall we?

The Floating Sushi Boat for lunch.
China Town

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