Plain to Pretty Purple Tee

A very long time ago, at least 10 years, I gave my mother-in-law a purple T-shirt that I had embellished with embroidered silk ribbon flowers. She loves it. And still wears it even though many of the stitches are worn through and falling apart.
So I guess it's time for a new purple T-shirt.
This time with a more updated look. A cluster of little felt flowers at the neckline.

This is the tee I started with. I love the softness of the neckline.
I searched my stash of wool felt and found a slightly darker purple and a nice mossy green. Using my Sizzix Tattered Florals die, I cut flowers from both shades of felt.

My daughter,O, tells me I have trouble being random. It's true, but I gave it my best shot and arranged the flowers in what I hope is a pleasing and suitably random fashion.
                                               (wow, lookie at that color difference!)
Using two strands of embroidery floss I stitched each flower to the shirt with five small "spoke" stitches and a french knot in the center. It needed  more sparkle so out came the bead stash.  I stitched a cluster of three purpley-pink (oh yes, that is a color) seed beads to four random flowers. O will be so proud!

Hope she likes this new one as much as the first! She'll be visiting soon. Maybe I can get her to model.
Stay tuned!